Cosmos Conciousness


Written by Muhammad Natsir Tahar

Cosmos is regularity in universe system, began from zero point until back to zero. It is a big scale structure, in order to history should be understood as holistic and simultaniously, not only parcial and random test.  

We should be fair to our own history, do not take sides partially and are hostile other side. In glorification discourse, every single nation take the best part from the chain of their history or another history. Dress and have the best tradition taken from a single creak of a super long bridge of time.

Our tradition nowaday is a group of data notes managed by a group of people in the past. Might be some of proposals have been rejected. Initially ordinary, time  later conjured it to be sacred.

Some of us trapped in romatism and hostile the future. To think of something new is bad and violates customs. Even though before the traditions become cultural consensus, it is something new too at the time, even eliminating obsolete values the more ancient. The tradition that we keep today can not exist, if the more predecessor do not want to budge.

In the cosmos, we might not be alone, except when we ever isolated for thousand of years like Tasmanian Aborigines. Our traditional dress, our lexicon, dance and singing, customs, and some of our culture values  are acculturation and mix from several things. Our tradition is not fall from the sky as a whole, it was a globalization product, far from the term of globalization was discovered.  

If we think our tradition to contain scared values and holly because of their old age, just know that when it was born from our primitive territorial, thousands of years before that on another slice of the world, they already thought about the system of universe and dicovered a dust called the earth.

When our tradition was busy fumigating the keris with incense and feeling the earliest, three thousand years before that, Archimedes a genius from Syracusa had discovered the basics of Fluid Mechanics and Heron from Alexandria had written Automata, the first book about robots.

We are absolutely young nation and rather feel very  ancient , and we were not might be born from the straw like the postulate Generatio Spontania of Aristotle. We have connected to previous nations,  it could be that the geniuses of the inventors of the navigation system or something like that were our elders after a long biological cross. But the fate that brought our ancestors may be lost to the primitive wilderness.

Reading the tradition nowaday, our millenials generation should be  stretch the ribbon of the cosmos wandering from end to end so that there is nothing left to talk about. It is no longer trapped in narrow egocentric tribalism or a very strong grip on the territorial radius. Because we are bigger and equal to the citizens of the world.

The natural dictations which have taken a narrow space of primordialism, seem to need to be displayed in historical space and time in the medium of the universe.

While the task of millennial literature is not only full devotion to the aesthetic of metalanguage, it also does not abandon sacred duties as messengers of moral ethics. Literature and poetry as vehicles of meaning and axioms are not merely an image of themselves, but also their responsibilities as social script.

In observing the dichotomy of tradition and modernization when both contain counterproductive elements, Kuntowijoyo has initiated a Prophetic Sociology. First, prophetic sociology has three important values ​​as its foundation, namely humanization, liberation and transcendence. These three values ​​in addition to functioning criticism will also give direction, and field of research.

Second, epistemologically, prophetic sociology holds that there are three sources of knowledge, namely empirical reality, ratios and revelation. This is somewhat different from the positivism of Auguste Comte who saw revelation as part of a myth.

Prophetic sociology is understood and placed in the context of social science which has a prophetic responsibility to free people from the cruelty of poverty, abundance of extortion, dominance of oppressive structures and hegemony of false consciousness.

Thus we not only read and rewrite the past and then forgive it, but also provide rectification and complement so that the generation after us have a cosmic conciousness and excellence that are equal to the progress of the times. ~MNT