Hermaphrodite Democracy

Ilustration: pinimg.com

Written by Muhammad Natsir Tahar

All who speak of democracy, they have lied. There is no power in the hands of the folk. There never was. Power belong to the winners. The folk are only the owners a piece of coupon that noise themselves outside of the palace fence. Next is the oligarchs. The winners take all.

Even there is democracy, this thing has multiple sexes. Biology calls it hermaphrodite. Democracy is on the one hand paired inside one body with oligarchy of different types. Oligarchy as group of people who feel entitled to regulate every single thing. Or people who are still nostalgic with feudal age.

They claim to be the state, even though they are only people who have been lent by the folk –their lord- to the state. If in ancient Athens the birthplace of democracy, these people could be recalled at every single time or fired without having the right to ask why folk do that.

Democracy is absolutely heavy, look for other names first or at least don’t mention it frequently. Democracy is a biggest bullshit of centuries, unless that its meaning is narrowed to the extent of verbal leniency and a five-year lottery ritual. Even in Athens itself, the ancestor of democray was born with invalid. They had kicked of slaves and woman out of their holly circle of their masculine democracy.

All of leaders potentially become Nero or Caligula, if there’s no outside balancing power. Although the ways once created for example in ancient Mesopotomia, there is primitive negotiating government, king needed to be passed by a council.

Magna Carta (June 15, 1215) created because there were rival powers from Pope and Baron. King John of Britain trembled to sign on this great charter when faced with the fact that half of his strength was stripped. Magna Carta is a legal procedure that king’s arbitration will conflict with the law.

But feudalism recurred again until The Black Death by the rat mice carrying bubonic plagues in 1346, farmers already have bargaining position and asserted their rights. The monarchy was thinned when parliament members (all opposition) began to be formed as a sign of democracy.  

Democracy can not formed directly like when it was  discussed at the Agora or Acropolis, so that we need parliament. In  philosophy of democracy parliament degrees are above the emperor or president, but Trias Politica has opened the pathway for peace so that are equal.

To take philosophical values of democracy, we have People's Consultative Assembly (MPR): supposedly the highest state institution that can fire a president. Unfortunetly in presidential system – which somehow we imitated The United State of America that already mature and pragmative- disrupt how democracy works.

Maybe because don’t believe in, so that we have to work twice: the president is elected directly by people. This process in particular was a long episode which helped to complicated the utopia of democracy. 

We finally see parliament members as people of same rank who lower their shoulders before the palace. They erased the memories that folk had glorified them as representative oversee power. Instead, they are competing to be lackey for the person they are suppose to be staring at, by becoming Cabinet Ministers.

Position of minister is on the president’s knees and they need to bend down over and over so that they can get it. But in front of their folk they strongly speak: we have this voice and we should get this many ministers.

Don't the folk want to be suspicious, democracy has been insulted in such a way. It turns out that the cabinet minister’s position is something they want the most. Is it true whispers, the ministry can be a money machine for party coffers? In the end, the folk's money of 25 trillion for electoral rituals 2019 only produce creatures fighting over the minister's chair.

Anti-corruption institution must conduct a deep investigation the mode and motives behind the passion to get minister position. How importance that achievement, if the actually purposes is realy pure duty, the door should be opened widely to only figures who are actually professional in their field without being bothered by political intrigue.

The winners take all. Remember this term, somehow I imagine the face of Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwean who won much bigger. Once upon a time, in January 2000 in Harare city, the Zimbabwe Banking Operation (Zimbank) conducted a lottery that was open to tens of thousands of customers with balances above 15,000 Zimbabwe dollars.

In a dramatic and tense atmosphere, the famous MC Fallot Chawawa who read about the winner as if super supprised: the winner of lottery of Z$100,000 was His Excellency RG Mugabe. An extraordinary coincidence.  

Mugabe is not lacking in any way, he can raise the salaries of himself and the ministers howsoever he want. But victory should be celebrated including by manipulated the lottery.

Among 94 percent people who unemployed and suffering the terrible cholera in the world, they have calculated how much they got for their oligarchic group while announced statistics of achievement that are entertaining full of lied.

Dictator of Mugabe is the worst combination when democracy and morals really don’t work. We have a little bit relieved  because we still have democracy, despite having multiple sexes. Power is never in the hands of the folk, power belong to the winners. ~MNT