Techno Religion


Written by Muhammad Natsir Tahar

Can you imagine one day we attend our own funeral with new body. No sadness and it is more like welcome ceremony and farewell party. Technology couldn’t be prevented, and human consciousness can be transferred.

The world futurologist, Ian Person has predicted that human being consciousness will be copied to external memories. Trough his article that has been exposed on July 15, 2018 entitled Electronically Immortal, Will You Still Own Your Own Mind?", Pearson explained that human consciousness can be connected to external technologies.

Conciousness is being sued, it can be copy and paste like android system. Not only religion, but humanism in form human worship that conquered the world in a few last decade. Techno Religion is wanting stand on top position of humankind civilization.  

The entrance can be started from the weak point of human memory. The head of someone who is hit can lose everything instantly, cognitive intelegent, ideology, self conceipt even God they worship. 

As happened with motivator, writer and football player namely Scott Bolzan, after slipped in the bathroom, he lost all of his intelegency and talent, even memory about his wife. And then he become new guy and wrote a book call "My Life: Deleted".

Our head is a organic big data or storage of memory that absorved from environment entire our lifetime and derived by an algorithmic system by the predecessor. But the stronghold of our consciousness is super fragile, hypnosis can interrupt human conscious or portray him or herself as someone else. 

Tecnically, banged head very hard will lost all of memories stored for decades. Psychological problems such as amnesia, hallucination, and disturbance of mind are circumstences when someone does not has him or herself. This idea actually good enough for effort to silence at worshiping existence and excessive ego.

One step ahead, technology can copies all of our memories or erase and replace them to other’s people consciousness. When someone doesn’t want to die, they can ask for a new body. Technology indeed couldn’t be prevented but could be subdued, or God will intervene. 

If this futuristic phenomenom we pull into the field of philosophy, atheist-materialism will defend themselves in spirit denial, consciousness according to them is only material the way it works is the same as the non-organic algorithm on a computer.

Also become field of philosophy debate between free will existensialism to determinism (philosophical belief that all events occur as a result of the existence of several necessities and therefore inevitable).  

But Techno Religion will come to dictates humans. Authority even can be change over from humans to the hands of super smart algorithms. When that happens, according to YN Harari the professor of Oxford graduate, liberalism that nowadays dominates the way of thingking will collapse. 

Human conciousness is storage in fregile medium, and easly engineered cause Techno Region will accepted. By those who pursue eternity and see humans increasingly lacking hope to lead the world.

Now the non organic algorithm begun or even beyond humans ability at almost all sectors. Humans will be compared to mass products and can be copied or perfected. If you need an orator in the same class as Barack Obama, or humanism thingker as Mahatma Ghandi, they just print it easly.

As religious people, we need aware that our future enemies  are no longer among fellow believers, but new religion is called Techno Religion. As before this –if we are observant- enemy of religious people are liberalism and communism, which actually has a positive value in aligning the worship of religions for hegemonic and authoritarian purposes.

And soon, Liberalism which is on the global throne will be shifted by the Techno Religion. But God is not amnesia, and we believe in it as long as we have consciousness. ~ MNT