Evolution of Brain

Illustration: futurecdn.net

By Muhammad Natsir Tahar 

According to brain scientist, our primitive ancestors only used the basic functions of their brain such as aggression, growing child, fear, sex, and the willingness to follow the leaders without thinking. Though the human brain is a miracle.  

If stated in bits, information in the human brain is equivalent to 20 million of books, equal to the number of books at the biggest libraries in the world. In the phase of cognitive revolution, the human brain conducts higher functions, reading, writing and speaking.

Charles Sherrington imagined while human brain was running, our large brain cortex would resemble glittering swords made up of twinkling dots rhythmically with a series of fireballs moving to and fro. It is as if the Milky Way Galaxy is include in a cosmic dance. The cortex soon became a magical loom where millions of twinkles spun.

Likewise, when we fall asleep, the brain remains throbbing, with the complex matter of life, dream and problem solving there in hundreds of electrochemistry impulses. Carl Sagan said, there are much bigger of valleys in the mountains of reason, and curves. Neurochemistry is super bussy, more owesome rather than any human-made circuit.   

Our brain developes an elegant architecture of consciousness. Our consciousness is the initial point of our cosmic journey. It is differentiator of our species and the place of our humanity. Until recently, it was surprisingly when for example the world futurologist, Ian Person predicted that human consciousness would able to be copied into external memory.

Through his writings exposed on July 15, 2018 entitled When Your Electronically Immortal, Will You Still Own Your Own Mind?, Person explains how human consciousness can be connected with external technology. Until other futurulogists imagine, one day humans can witness their own burial with new body.

Science and technology have the basic nature to finish off the history of religion and dogma. Here we need to hold on to the mind consciousness to hamper technological impudence that continually tries to tamper with our transcendental domain.

Initially because they were tired of thingking and remembering, humans started to place memories outside themselves. We are the only species in the world that stores memories out of the brain and genes. We put it on the stone inscriptions, on tree bark and animals, on paphyrus paper, clay tablets, and the end a pile of books in a library whose storage space is always smaller than our brain’s capacity.

Laying this memory we are familier with the term writing. The discovery of writing and writing work is a constellation of the cosmos connecting time, breaking the shackles of time lines and each zone is put together randomly.    

Since the beginning of 2000 millennium we have jumped into the digital age in unlimited connectivity. The virtual realm is our world this century. The world when printed books compete with digital books that are able to break the mileage. Nevertheless the printed books remain as the majesty of civilization of reason, like Europe which still maintains the old buildings of the Victorian and Tudor era.

The question is whether the millennial perspective will remain the same. They were at the last relay of wonder in this century,  a revolution that skyrocketed in a matter of days.  Physical matters began to be abandoned, they stayed longer in cyberspace.   

Laying memory into other mediums such as books, and now a vast digital library has been completed. One more thing, we are not only put it down, but let the thought process be outside the brain. Say, the first absolete technology that we know is calculator.  

Now we quickly recognize Artificial Intelegence (AI), otomation and robotics. They complete work far better and faster rather than humans. The threat will come from AI, they are able to think like human brains, and are able to call memory at lighting speed. We increasingly left behind, if then the next capitalism ignores humanism.  

The only thing AI lacks right now is awareness. It is a shining sword of us, our cosmic dance, and our elegant history of humanity. Consciousness is God’s gift that we must pay attention to in order to maintain our existence on earth. Of course, with the assistance of faith. ~MNT