Illusory World

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Written by Muhammad Natsir Tahar 

When we see the sun, that is the sun eight minutes ago. When we stare at the star, possibly we see the Alpha Cygni _the furthest star that naked eye can see_ that is the ancient star from 7.000 years ago. If we dream of being a butterfly, so we are the butterfly, until we wake up.

When we observe the world and get around on surface of the globe, not even an inch will pass, we remain one of seven point seven billion of human race of the earth with different point of views. We see nothing, until there is light reflected every single thing with a certain wavelength.

What we see as a world just a partial spectrum of colors with physics simple process, as well as mathematics and geometry. What we could see is never intrinsic to it.

The stars we observe in the night sky, perhaps had disappeared partially by supernova explotion. Already born huge number of new stars and constellation of Orion just a very late memory. Conversely,  say nearby of Alpha Cygni there is a super interstellar binoculars it possibly can see surface of the earth, only visible shoots of the neolithic civilization in the delta of the Nile in 5000 BC.

When I was a teenager, I once dreamed of being Spiderman in a red and blue latex costume and being able to shoot cobwebs. I couldn't discern what actually felt real, as Spiderman or a middle school student in the middle of hours.

Unlike the Chuang Tzu. This ancient Chinese philosopher once dreamed of becoming a butterfly. Then he made a big question: "Am I Chuang Tzu who dreams of becoming a butterfly, or am I a butterfly who dreams of being Chuang Tzu?"

We can just laugh with weird questions like that. Because we rely too much on consciousness and memory. But the consciousness that we rely on as all of us is actually fragile.

A person can fall in the bathroom, take Scott Bolzan for example, then wake up from fainting with his new self. All of the memory is erased like a formatted hard drive. Even a robot with artificial intelligence cannot even tell whether it is human or just a machine.

Maybe Elon Musk is right, that the world is just an illusion. Scientists are now investigating further regarding his claim that we might live in a simulated world.

This popular innovator says, gaming is ultimately indistinguishable from reality. We are most likely in a simulation. And an astrophysicist named Neil de Grasse Tyson agrees with Elon Musk's point and he has no reason to refuse it.

One more thing, the writer and host of TV show Closer to Truth, Robert Lawrence Kuhn said that the real world that has been a place for humans to live has never existed.

As crazy as it may sound, this theory has been supported by many scientists from the world's top universities. The first is the philosopher Nick Bostrom from the University of Oxford, who says, our lives are like the Matrix film.

The difference is, humans don't need an aid tool that is plugged into the brain to be able to enter the world of the 'Matrix' illusion, because the entire human body is already under the illusion from the very beginning.

2,500 years ago, the guardian of the Acropolis named Plato, once said that what we see as the world is literally a shadow in a cave. And 1,400 years ago, the Koran emphasized it in al Ankabuut (29): 64: "The life of this world is a joke and a game. The afterlife is what is real if they know. "

Humans are essentially spirits in transit, not just leap atoms and molecules and chemical reactions between them. Our bodies are just an arrangement of atoms, and the universe is just a vibrational energy. "What we call reality is actually an illusion, even if it continues," said Albert Einstein.

At least we're in a big illusion and repeated simulations with the same pattern. Even from the perspective of the Conspiracy Theory, that we are living in an illusion created by few people.

In a state, we are in the illusion that the oligarchy is playing, which keeps repeating itself in a circus called elections. We always think that democracy is real. Maybe technically it is, but it's just an illusion that I don't know when it will end. ~MNT