Cosmos 5.0

@Shutterstock/ Fernando Cortes

By Muhammad Natsir Tahar

On one of Youtube channels, Professor of Oxford University Richard Dawkins said, if the existence of planet earth is like a piece of arm, so human race start to exist at the tip of the fingernail. Nowadays, we are on the very edge of the least visible. We almost can see it when we leave it uncut for a week.

Earth is literally very old, 4, 543 billion years Google said. Nevertheless, the most traces of modern humans (Sapiens) are only around 200,000 years old. 200,000 years is equal to the time is needed walking from edge to edge of Milky Way galaxy. Like a commander checking the ranks of soldiers.

This galaxy only one of billions other galaxies that contain billions of stars which we can see in night sky, that likely have been inanimate. There are a billions of supernova exploison, there are billions of doomdays out there every single period of time. From the cosmos prespective, doomday only is ordinary natural phenomenon. 

So cosmologist always say God is super redundant, and spent so much time. When we focus on the existence of humans on surface of the earth, why did God need 13,5 billions of time to make humans being able to breath with their lung.  After all on the surface super tiny dust we call the earth. A piece of luck that is not significant in the unlimited universe. The cosmologist Lawrence M. Krauss also accuses humans of being insignificant.

Whatsoever, we just begin to read the odyssey of humankind, on the tip of the unseen fingernail. The dawn of civilitazion begun by Society 0,1 (Hunter - gatherer Society). In the nomadic era, humans live with knowing territorial boundaries. They carnival with the cutting edge technology of the time: stone axes and fire. They travelled in the burned jungle and visited prestigious art galleries of paintings and sculptures on cave walls.

The sun rises with the rise of Society 2.0 (Agrarian Society), humans started to settle down, home is important and of course family. There was devision of task, women nursed children, cooked, looked after grain, tended livestock, and pulled each other out of head lice. Ocassionally there is no task devision, all of them went to the fields early in the morning and returned in the evening. Lithuanian peasants started hoeing at three in the morning, men and women.

Society 2.0 started an agricultural revolution as well as cognitive through speech and writing. This is also where Hamurrabi's law appears. lazy man seeks reason, so as not to go to the fields with difficulty. They bragged about the representatives of the gods and goddesses on earth, about who had the right to be king and collect tribute. Who deserves to whip, who deserves to be a slave, then who are the traditional elders, and who has to fight. Caste is built by braggarts, as well as cunning slackers. 

Era 2.0 also gave birth to landlords in a rotten way, God did not create the earth to be claimed by just anyone. Cognitive era is literally born on 2.0 system, but only to the extent of boasting and composing poetry, or sharpening a spear. Inovation was going very slowly. Some of technology invention was created by genious was rejected, did not rejected if the goal was to fight.

One day, William Lee wanted to free his nations from the routine of knitting hats manually and tediously. Unfortunately, The automatic spinner named stocking frame was mercilessly removed by Queen Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603). 

“You are too ambitious, Master Lee. Just imagine the impact your machine has on my people who live in poverty. They must be even more miserable because your machine clearly makes them unemployed and eventually become beggars.”

Era 2.0 is very long, from sunrise to past Asr time. When the sun has tilted to the west of the horizon, humans are just starting to build civilization 3.0 (Industrial Society), with what we call the industrial revolution. A steam engine rings for the first time in an Anglo Saxon coal mining valley. That's when humans began to make friends with machines.

Know the time left is not much. Era 3.0 ran as fast as a thief. The most appropriate word for a revolution applies here. Everything that is not made at the time of farming, is finished here. If the steam engine can be invented, then why not all engines. Whatever is not provided by God. They even searched for reason to lock God in the worship room, so that he wouldn't go anywhere.

The sun is almost setting when we enter civilization 4.0 (Information Society). These are the times we have experienced in the last two decades. Like going back to the 1.0 era, this era eliminates boundaries, no matter how much walls or imaginary territorial lines matter. Humans are heading to the cosmo civilization without a barrier. Globalization is the key word, and conversations in the world and all its manifestations take place in real time.

Civilization 5.0 (Society 5.0) has been and is being started. There has been a quantum leap in information technology as previously predicted. There is a complete attachment between the virtual space and the real space. There are four virtual industries that top Civilization 5.0, namely the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial intelligence (AI), and digital economic activities (the sharing economy).

Questions will appear in a row. What's important is how the human species as caliphs on earth can speak with their shoulders up in the name of humanism in front of AI warriors, when our entire history is detected as human error.

Among the conveniences that civilization 5.0 brings, we are more and more bound, more sucked in, more naked in a Big Data operation. They are AI robotics who have the ability to manipulate the data, elaborate it and create solutions. They can know how long our heart can last, what foods we shouldn't eat, and even choose the right mate for us. Is this a problem or a blessing?

Era 5.0 is like returning us to the nomadic era 1.0, humans can wander without psychological barriers, there is no repetitive work because it has been replaced by automation, social caste starts to run away, bosses disappear, and so on. Indeed, humans are cosmic beings and return to the cosmo. Just like when braggarts weren't born yet.  ~