Back to Earth

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By Muhammad Natsir Tahar

The most memorable history is always male. Written in fierce poetry, raging gods, Gilgamesh, Spartan warrior, Trojan horse, Hang Tuah, Gajah Mada, Hannibal Barca. Not to forget the holy men of the Abrahamic religion, philosophers and book-burners.

Countries are born as men who are ready with weapons of war, cannons, AK 47s, submarines, fighter planes. There is no motherly state, they generally have a masculine nature with high tension. Although now it looks more polite, but the suspicion and the nature of bullying each other did not subside. The ones who win a lot are always war equipment rafters and weapons brokers.

Sky is number one, and earth is number two. The Greek god Zeus, or the Norse god Valhalla proliferated in the sky. The Sanskrit Fathers of Sky are called Djevs or Deivos, and Jovis for Latin, or Tiwaz as Heavenly Father for Western Europeans. All they want to be written in the name of the sky.

In Dayak-Benuaq mythology (in Kalimantan, Indonesia), when the earth and the sky had been created and then separated, by ‘The Mother of Smart Tongue’ (Ayakng Siluq Urai) and ‘The Son of Wise Judgment’ (Tataau Junyukng Ayus), all their descendants prefer to live in the sky, no one is willing to plunge into the earth even for a moment.

Realizing this, they collected the remnants of the materials from the manufacture of the earth and the sky, then ordered ‘Sang Putri Komakng Lolakng’ and Potek Telose Sie to make a human figure from the remaining materials of the sky and the earth, namely humans who would later inhabit the earth. Earth is inhabited only by creatures from the remains of building materials.

If history is written as a winner, then the winner is the man and the sky. Then the earth and women became remnants and footnotes. The man (Adam) left his rib for the woman (Eve).

Adam, like other guardians of the sky, should not be expected to live on earth. Until God has to prepare engineering, by “using” Azazil (in Islamic terminology), the general leader of the devils and angels. The secular-atheists, too, mock the monotheist God of Sky as an old man with a white beard cross-legged above the clouds.

The sky and his men are said to be almost always angry, sending curses and disasters. Then the only goddesses who are willing to take care of the earth with their motherly nature and tenderness, women are second-class citizens of history. Cleopatra, Isabella, or Hindun who ate Hamza’s heart in the time of the prophet Muhammad, all tyrant queens, witches with broomsticks, and all the cruel women written in history, will be excluded from the concept of motherhood.

So that’s Gaia the goddess of the embodiment of the earth in Greek mythology, then Aphaea as the goddess of agriculture and fertility, or Demeter, the goddess of fertility, agriculture, wheat and harvest. Indonesia also recognizes Dewi Sri (Javanese), Nyai Pohaci Sanghyang Asri (Sundanese), or Sangiang Serri (Bugis) as the goddess of agriculture, the goddess of rice and rice fields, and the goddess of fertility on the islands of Java and Bali.

We always rely on the patriarchal lineage, to win over men through patriarchal myths that are superimposed on the unbroken timeline of sperm. The surname is linked to the Y chromosome and is only passed down through the (again) male line.

This myth persists today, even though it has been discovered that mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells and that their independent past is passed down through the mother. This news seems to be restrained esoterically. So it really doesn’t matter who our father’s lineage is, even if he is an English nobleman, a Sioux chieftain, or the Syailendra king of Sriwijaya.

I don’t know who has whispered to the Akan chiefs in Ghana, the Iroqouis in America, the Mosuo in southwest China, or the Minangkabau in Indonesia, to adopt a matriarchal lineage, when all nations of the world refer to who the father of the father, the father and the father of the father. His father was his grandfather, his uncle, his brother, a male cousin. The matriarchal social system was even considered an anomaly, until science proved the opposite.

What about the earth? This planet has the longest history of reciprocation since Mesopotamia, more than 10 millennia ago. Man sows seed and the earth returns it with crops and fertility. Until finally came the era of the industrial revolution. As skyscraper cities are built, fields are being abandoned.

The vast space has been and will be provided by the earth for human needs. The unworthy age left the earth on a minor note, having pulverized its surface with the spartan ferocity of metallic machines. Like mothers, the earth’s nipples never tire of feeding seven billion people. Earth never takes revenge. Earth literally is a mother (nature).

The season of farming is not a mere activity of the past century, the earth is always up to date. Not only does Earth accept muscular manual hands, it is also ready to cooperate with AI cyborgs, which are glorified by the present.

Please jump into the millenial society of the 5.0 century, but still submit to the earth, take care of it, green it, sow the seeds, because the return of the earth is always surprising. These pandemic days are a great time to kneel to the earth, back to the village, when the city has fired you.