Immortal Humans

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Written by Muhammad Natsir Tahar

There was Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin Dynasty as well as the first emperor of unified China. His reputation as a conqueror was nullified by his greatest fear of death. He funds the healer Xu Fu in a large fleet loaded with 6,000 virgins as sacrifices, in order to find an island that has the elixir of immortality.

Qin Shi Huang is not alone, there are a series of old stories about humans who refuse to become extinct. Death becomes mass hysteria, inner screams held back by collective surrender, unscreamed. Some of us rebel.They thought, if all problems can be solved, why not death?

Today, some freeze their bodies through a cooling technology called cryonics, then wake up in 2050 or sooner, as soon as the world isready. The year 2050 is believed to be the pinnacle of technology to create immortal humans.

There are 300 people in the world who are currently frozen, some of them scientists. They are likely obsessed with Mr. Freeze who managed to come back to life for revenge by terrorizing the city of Gotham.

Not to mention Larry Page, who is the father of Google, or Jeff Bezos, whose giant company Amazon is in his pocket, is said to be funding an immortality project, not only to slow down aging, but eternal in the sense of not dying.

Not to mention China, through the Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute, a laboratory that has advanced technology in freezing human corpses to be revived in the future.

In the year 2050, a bunch of frozen undead from our time, will join forces with other immortal humans, consisting of elites who can afford nano robot technology, to battle any disease that tries to enter the body. And unite themselves self with the features of robotics (singularity) to become a superhuman (cyborg).

It is anxiety if these things work, when the earth is no longer able to accommodate the human population. Technology will certainly hinder the entire process of death once the risk of human work and activities is taken over by artificial intelligence.

Infotech and biotech will make a perfect crossbreeding in taking over human tasks. However, in the 5.0 society civilization proposal that we will soon pick up, these smart machines only serve as a complement. An utopian idea that is counter to the greedy face of capitalism.

When many humans are not dying while the population is exploding, our problem is getting more serious. Humans are getting more and more abundant at the same time their traditional work has been razed to the ground. Regardless of whether death barriers are only accessible to the elite, technology that takes over risky jobs will increasingly be able to reduce global death rates.

For example, when all cars are automated with 0 percent of accidents, the world is able to with stand at least 1.25 million deaths per year (data from the Global Status Report on Road Safety, WHO, 2015), and another 50 million are seriously injured. That's just one area, it's just a matter of detailing all other risky activities.

This is the challenge that humanity, our children and grandchildren will face in the future. We hope that there is a formula that can provide the right solution for mankind. Between the "immortal"humans, the humans whose lives were extended thanks to technology, the humans who were spared harm, and the common humans whose abundance then faced slow extinction due to running out of nutrients, even space.

Even though there is a storm of civilization ahead, people today are still preoccupied with pop culture, immersed in superficial activities, a short overview of the historical map of civilization, both ahistorical and primordial (denial of global responsibility), trapped in a narrow cultural vision, and blind to futuristic predictions. ~