State, Myth and Anxiety


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By Muhammad Natsir Tahar

First of all, every nation must be proud because it is recorded in state statistics. State is an abstract noun. It lives in our imagination. It is formed from fantasy and wishful thinking, a giant house that is inhabited together.

The state is built on pillars of anxiety and speeches. Many states were conceived in the womb of war and colonization, then born when the war was over. Every state is born, its mother dies. The state was raised by his father, the state was raised with masculinity, with spartan masculinity to cock weapons at any time.

After the state was formed, the anxiety continued. Too much to pay for a suspicion. So each country strengthens its army and weapons of war, no matter how much has been spent. Homo homini lupus est,_ man is a wolf to his fellow_ an eternal word from Plautus. If we think about it, we should be ashamed to be human.

Between one nation and another, there is an imaginary partition that we construct from the same threads of myth, geneology or tragedy at the same time. We recite dictions such as nationalism, patriotism, esprit de corps and so on. As a series of anxiety. Because we don’t believe in an inverter: Homo Homini Socius, which means humans are friends to each other.

Plautus lived in 195 BC, at that time a wolf in human form found his killing field. But Homo Homini Socius was created by Thomas Hobbes, a British philosopher of the Victorian century.

With an increasingly enlightened mind, we should be more on the side of Hobbes. Or we are too reminiscent of Napoleon Bonaparte, an ambitious French military and political leader, who introduced esprit de corps, as a war strategy. Strategy to kill humans.

So it can be ascertained, the country with the most complete and most expensive military weapons is the country that is the most anxious, as well as the most ambitious. Even so afraid, developed countries build a cunning myth about the placement of nuclear weapons, they feel more mature, so they are more entitled to keep the weapon. More mature and more afraid. Meanwhile, making Kim Jong-un no crazier than now, becomes an additional task that needs to be carried out.

For the domain between nations, we are actually building a false ethic for a long time, to deal with the neo-wolves. Nationalism, patriotism, esprit de corps, inevitably become a moral foundation and a code of ethics. When threats (militarily) are not facts, suspicion is the basis.

Many countries are bluffing by demonstrating their weapons of war, when in fact they are very afraid of war. The super traumatic World Wars I and II have taught, no one is safe when the war is over. If not destroyed, then bankrupt. We are not stupid enough to repeat this hellish tragedy.

Fear with the anxiety of each country about its territorial existence, is more always in favor of arms-selling capitalism than the original purpose for which the weapons were used. Even wars are only triggered by the will of the rulers of the country, not the will of the conscience of the people. But it is the people who are the bait for the bullets. Rulers prefer to hide behind tables, rather than descend to the battlefield.

Politics of war as its nature will not recognize a code of ethics. Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt disliked Stalin and communism. But while fighting against Hitler they tricked themselves into having to work with the Soviet Union, none other than the great masters of global communism.

It’s out of state. How about in your own country, as fellow children of the nation. Homo Homini Socius, humans are friends with each other, if they enter into the domain of power politics, they are crossed out. In the struggle for power that is free of ethical codes, democracy is faked. Being outside the circle of power never makes them happy, so they are constantly looking for ways to make power last, and others feel the need to seize it.

Democracy teaches that leaders are officers of the people, but rulers wrap themselves in the myth of the state, so that they become as strong as monarchs. Feudal people will find it difficult to distinguish which state must be obeyed and which politicians are in the state. So defending politicians who are in the power elite is the same as defending the country. And vice versa. ~MNT